Dom is an amazing bridge teacher. We were introduced to him by our previous bridge teacher who was retiring and I am so glad for the recommendation. He explains everything in a very clear manner, from the most complex to the more simple, and best of all, he makes it fun! If you are already a bridge player or are yet to try bridge, I couldn’t recommend Dom highly enough! Dr R D Field OBE & the Harrison family

Dom is an outstanding teacher of bridge. He has very high interpersonal skills and an understanding of every individuals learning needs. He can explain complex ideas so that everyone can understand. Dom has unlimited patience and is always willing to explain, no matter how trivial or complex the question is. He can teach a very wide range of students – from complete beginners to advanced players. Dom has an extraordinary memory and so is able to teach multiple boards with ease and his understanding and skill of bridge is apparent in his teaching. He has a brilliant sense of humour and uses it to ensure learning bridge is always fun. I have learnt so much from Dom; my game is unrecognisable from how it was before I started learning with him. I always thoroughly enjoy learning with and from Dom and always come away from each lesson or ‘play and learn’ session with a better understanding and desire to learn even more. I cannot recommend Dom more highly. Tony Ashwell

I had not played bridge for a long time and was quite nervous about going back to a bridge club. I explained my situation to Dom after finding his web site and he was able to recommend a class that was appropriate for me. There were lots of new things for me to learn after such a long time out but Dom’s tutorials have been excellent and I’m really enjoying my bridge again! Paul Griffiths

Although I live in Surrey I visit Sheffield fairly regularly to see family. Whilst I am up there I try my utmost to attend Dom’s lessons and supervised play sessions. He is simply the best teacher I have ever had the privilege to get guidance from. He is full of enthusiasm and makes a difficult game more easy to get to grips with! He’s also great fun! I hope All Things Bridge does really well for him. Sheelagh

Dom is a great teacher of bridge. He approaches the subject with a refreshing combination of precision and thoroughness on one hand and good humour and lightness on the other. He manages to completely remove the stress we put ourselves under when trying to acquire knowledge of the game! After the introductory talks (shown in the online available videos), he gives quick and decisive advice when needed and requested. His memory of all hands dealt for the evening is truly impressive. Andras Kemeny

Dom’s enthusiasm for bridge is infectious. He shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of the game in a clear, logical and, very importantly, fun way! Kate L

I always thoroughly enjoy Dom’s lessons. He is enthusiastic and very clear in his explanations. He gives the right amount of support – never overbearing or patronising – but extremely insightful and accessible. He has a naturally relaxed communication style which takes away any of the anxiety around learning this challenging game. Eleanor

I really love Dom’s lessons! He manages to make them relaxed, enjoyable and informative. I mainly attend the intermediate sessions. I particularly value their format as he gives excellent tips about play tactics as well as bidding. He has a flair for teaching and I feel fortunate to be able to learn from him. Alison B

Dom Rayner is an excellent bridge teacher. He makes the game logical and seem straight forward. He is able to see how to bid and play a hand instantly. He is clear and succinct in his advice. He is friendly, supportive and patient with his class, yet never critical of poor play. C and A

This young man is an extremely gifted teacher and I’m confident he is also an excellent bridge player.  He presents his lessons very logically, in such an incredibly relaxed manner but at the same time he’s so very knowledgeable about his subject, which he shares effortlessly.  I particularly like the fact that his video lessons do not have have his student’s questions edited out, because they are usually great questions and ones I’d like to know the answer to.  Dom is not arrogant or patronising!  He is just the most wonderful teacher!  A teacher that you have always wanted to be fortunate enough to have found. If you want to learn how to play bridge look no further than here! Kathy H

I have been going to Dom’s classes for a few years now as an intermediate player. The lessons take the form of a short tutorial followed by set hands that he has carefully prepared. He has a very relaxed and informal approach to the game which allows us to ask questions without ever feeling inadequate. He also has the uncanny knack of making bridge seem easy! It is lovely to see someone young who enjoys this game and Dom is always cheerful and encouraging and his classes are brilliant. Now if he could only teach me golf… Jane

As very much a beginner I find Dom’s classes very helpful. He is clear and goes at the pace of the group. When we play he is always helpful in his responses for assistance and never patronising. Also we do have light-hearted moments! Gail

Dom is passionate about bridge and his enthusiasm comes across in his teaching. He is an excellent teacher and explains things in a clear, understandable way. I would highly recommend him as a bridge teacher! BDS

Dom is an excellent instructor. His lessons are always interesting and he is always on hand to give advice on how to play a hand. l have had 2 years tuition and have improved each year with his help and advice. l now enjoy bridge because of his enthusiasm and encouragement. M Carr

Being Dom’s Mum I might be considered to be a little biased, however I concur with what other players have said about Dom, both here in the testimonials, and to me directly. He is a natural teacher with a passion for the game of bridge which shines through in all of his lessons. I had been playing bridge for 12 years when Dom first began to teach and learnt more in 6 months from Dom than I had learned from numerous teachers and books in the previous 12 years! If you are considering learning this hugely enjoyable and unbelievably frustrating game I highly recommend you come along to one of Doms sessions (in person or virtual!). Dawn Rayner

I came to Dom’s brand new beginner lessons a few years ago as a few members of my family had insisted that I give it a go. I don’t think I realised at the time how lucky I was to have Dom as my teacher. Now, a few years later, bridge is a big part of my life and it is only down to Dom’s brilliant tuition. His lessons are relaxed, informative and great fun! Steve

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I feel like I could talk for hours and hours about bridge, the passion I have for this game is like none I’ve found before, so if you are as passionate as I am, and you want to improve your game or learn for the first time, give me a try!

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