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My name is Dom Rayner and I’m a professional bridge coach.

I learnt to play bridge in quite an unusual way. When I was about 8 years old, my parents decided to have private lessons on a recommendation of a friend of theirs. As a youngster, fascinated by cards, I used to come home from school and watch them play bridge for hours at a time, but I never actually played.

11 years later, now 19, my Mum one day asked if I would like to go to the bridge club with her to play. She had started to play a lot more bridge and was looking for a regular partner. I decided I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go.

When I began to play it was as if someone had taught me in my sleep! Within a few weeks I had progressed beyond the lesson structure at my local club (Sheffield) and I was ready to play in club duplicate sessions.

A few months later I was noticed by a scout playing at Sheffield Bridge Club who recommended me to the England u20s squad. When I received the invitation to attend the training weekends with the England squad I was delighted. Given my age I moved up to the u25s squad within a year, and it was at these training sessions with ex and current internationals where my bridge really came on.

A few years later after having done 2 degree courses, I was still unsure how to make a living. At this time playing competitive bridge had become a big part of my life and it was suggested to me that I turn my hobby into my career. At first, I thought this was ambitious, but my career has taken on a life of its own since then!

My lessons have become more and more popular since my beginning in 2016 and that has all led you here to All Things Bridge!

How can I help?

I feel like I could talk for hours and hours about bridge, the passion I have for this game is like none I’ve found before, so if you are as passionate as I am, and you want to improve your game or learn for the first time, give me a try!


“I started to learn bridge as a total beginner about 2 1/2 years ago. Having never known any other tuition I guess I didn’t realise at the time just how lucky I was to have Dom as my teacher. Being a top bridge player (which he is) doesn’t necessarily make for a good teacher, but Dom is a natural. He explains complex subjects so well, has the patience of a saint, and never lets you feel like an idiot. Lovely bloke with a brain the size of a planet. Bridge is now a big part of my life, and I have Dom to thank for that.”

Sue M

“Dom is an instructor of bridge par excellence. He displays the ability to explain all levels of the game in an engaging, illuminating and memorable way. Do you want to improve your bidding? Learn how to play your hand? Master the optimal way of combining the two? Whatever your goal, Dom Rayner will help you to become a better bridge player.”


“Dom delivers his lessons with great clarity, humour and endless patience. He makes learning the game of bridge a hugely enjoyable experience at all levels.”


“I have experienced Dom’s lessons as a beginner and an improver. He makes it look so simple and obvious by his clear and logical explanations. You ask yourself why you had not worked these things out for yourself. Terrific teaching and fun games will give you the confidence to take on a grand master or two.”

M Aston

“Amazing teacher – patient and very knowledgeable!”


“As a complete beginner with little experience in cards, Dom has made me feel welcome in his classes by taking the time to answer my questions or give me advice when needed. This card game is challenging, however, his knowledge (which is impressively extensive) and his patience make him a brilliant teacher and I’d advise any level of player to either join his lessons or watch his videos online!”


“I look forward to my bridge lessons. Dom’s enthusiasm and knowledge of bridge make his lessons so much fun. He explains things clearIy and answers questions helpfully. I cannot believe how addicted I have become and it is all down to him. I would recommend anyone who wants to try the game to attend his lessons and see for themselves.”


“Dom is the best bridge teacher we have encountered.  He is very patient and his lessons are well structured, and are appropriate for players ranging from beginners to advanced. He is able to provide clear guidance to off the cuff questions and to explain complex issues with clarity.”

Gill & Tony Fowler

“Dom’s passion for bridge shines through in his teaching and is infectious. He delivers all his sessions with enthusiasm and good humour, ‘making sense’ of some of the more complex rules and conventions of the game. Dom has the ability to relate to a wide audience making everyone feel comfortable and the sessions very enjoyable. I feel very lucky to have been able to benefit from Dom’s teaching and thank him for his endless patience!”

Sue C

“Dom’s knowledge and enthusiasm make his teaching sessions both informative and enjoyable. He explains the principles of bidding conventions and card play in a very clear and logical manner. He makes learning bridge fun.”

Nigel Gill

“I was dragged into bridge against my better judgement (by my other half!) and reluctantly started on one of Dom’s beginner weekly courses. I have found to my surprise that I have really enjoyed bridge and will certainly continue playing and going to more lessons with Dom. Dom is both a very good teacher in the way he explains things but also his love of bridge is infectious. His number one aim is that people enjoy themselves and develop to a level of bridge that they are happy with. He also manages to generate a great atmosphere during the lessons where everyone feels very comfortable asking anything, no matter how basic. If in doubt give it a go, you won’t regret it”

Mark Webber

What is bridge and why should you play it?

Bridge, put quite simply, is the most difficult and most mentally satisfying game there is. My goal is to educate everyone about the enjoyment and benefits of playing bridge. Apart from it being a fantastic pastime, bridge also has considerable health benefits.

Playing bridge, or another similar ‘mind game’ (like chess or draughts) has been proven to greatly reduce the risk of alzheimers and dementia when in older age, and has also been proven to increase numeracy and problem solving for younger people too. Overall, bridge is a great game, whether you play once a month or every day. Why not start learning today?

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