Private Lessons

Private lessons are without doubt the best way to advance your game of bridge! Each session will be a personal event, with direct advice and experience to you and your invited guests. The subject matter of the lesson is entirely up to you if you have something in mind, or you can leave it to me to devise a lesson that I think is suitable. If you would like to book a private lesson with me, please let me know and give your bridge a boost!

All Things Bridge

Groups of 4

One of the best ways to learn bridge is in with a group of 3 other friends in your own home. This way you are comfortable and ready to learn what a brilliant game bridge is! These private lessons are designed to last 2 hours each and can range in topics from learning the suits to complex play!

All Things Bridge

Groups of 5+

If you have even more friends who are interested in organising a private lesson then please contact me using my email address or the contact form below. Alternatively you (and your friends!) could attend one of my prearranged classes at Sheffield Bridge Club, found on the ‘Classes‘ page.

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