1♠ P
3♠ P 4♠ P

With the ♣A, ♣K and A as inevitable losers there is no point worrying about them. The diamond suit is sewn up (but no point playing them out), so the only potential loser you can do something about is the ♠Q. With an 8 card fit missing the Q it is correct to finesse and not to just play AK.

So, winA in hand (unblocking the suit) and cross to ♠K. You want to draw the trumps because there is no ruffing to be done, and crossing to the dummy both draws a round of trumps and gets the lead in the right place for the spade finesse. Lead a small spade and when East follows small (no gain to playing the ♠Q) you insert the ♠J, taking your 50:50. When this wins and the spades break 3-2, you can draw the last outstanding trump and give the opponents their 3 tricks. This is the best odds you can get at success on this hand!

If the opponents had led a club, you might have been worried about them taking 2 rounds of clubs and then one opponent ruffing the third round. This would have been unfortunate, and there isn’t really much you can do to combat it. As it happens on this layout of the hand, the opponents are powerless to stop you, as long as you finesse in spades!