1 P
4 P 4NT P
5 P 6 P

With East-West passing throughout the auction, South opens the bidding with 1. This North-South pair unfortunately are not playing Jacoby 2NT, so North takes the simple approach of raising their partner straight to game with a leap to 4. North probably expected this bid to end the auction, but South has different ideas! With a very nice 17 count, South presses onto 4NT, which this North-South are playing as simple Blackwood (not RKCB). North’s reply promises 1 Ace and so South knows that their side is missing only 1 Ace in total. South takes the optimistic view to have a go at a small slam, which finally ends the auction. West leads an inconspicuous ♣8 against the small slam. As South, it appears as if we may lose 2 tricks here – 1 to the ♠A and 1 to the K. What is your plan to try and make your bravely bid slam?

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