1 1♠
3 4♠ P P

South opens the bidding with 1, West overcalls 1♠ and North jump raises their partner to 3 which is a heart fit with either 10-12 points and a balanced hand or an unbalanced hand with 8 losers. East has a poor hand but importantly they have a huge fit for their partner. Based on the level of the fit, East raises West’s overcall all the way to 4♠ straight away. Half in an attempt to shut the opponents out from bidding 4, and also because with 10 trumps together, 4♠ might have a chance to make. This aggressive bid wins the auction, so we find ourselves as East in a low-pointed spade game. North leads a heart at trick 1, so it looks as though we are sure to lose 2 hearts and 1 diamond as a minimum. Are there any other potential losers to worry about?

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