1NT P 2*
P 2♠* P 4NT
P 5♣ P 5NT
P 6 P 6

East opens 1NT as this East-West pair are playing SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card) which is a system that includes 5 card majors, 2 over 1 and a strong NT; a 1NT opening being 15-17 balanced. West replies with a red suit transfer of 2* and East breaks the transfer to 2♠* representing a maximum for their 1NT opener (17 HCP) a 4+ card fit for hearts and values/length in spades. West now envisages a potential slam with the known 10+ card heart fit, so West jumps straight to 4NT RKCB. East’s response of 5♣, shows 0 or 3 key card, which must be 3 in context, so West knows that their side possesses all of the key cards. West pushes on to look for a potential grand slam with 5NT, asking East for Kings, but unfortunately East’s reply of 6 only promises one side suit King (the K was included in the response to 4NT remember!) so there is a King missing for East-West, and therefore East bails out in 6 to end the auction. North starts with a lead of the ♣J and it would appear the only suit we have to worry about here is diamonds. What is your play to avoid 2 potential losers in the diamond suit?

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